About Us

Our story began in 1996 as two separate companies which were then united under a single brand, Creafair, in 2009. This was followed by the launch of our production facility in Fatih, Istanbul and the final phase of our branding process came in 2012 when Creafair was replaced with Giycem.

Over the years, we continued our growth in production and e-commerce activities, expanding our offering of underwear targeting women and girls with men’s socks, homewear and beachwear lines.

We offer Giycem to people from numerous nationalities on a vast geography, notably in the EU, Balkans, CIS and MENA.

These achievements and the growth rate has attracted the attention of foreign investors, resulting in a partnership in 2014 with Etohum, one of the world’s largest venture capital, marking yet another milestone towards our goal of creating a global Turkish brand.

Our objective now is to further strengthen our leadership position in the underwear market and achieve the same leadership in intimates and beachwear e-commerce.

We are the second largest underwear shopping in Europe as well as the manufacturer of world’s several well-known brands.

What We Doing?
Even lingerie retail stores in major cities are not covering all brands (100+) and all products (16.000+). Especially customers living in elsewhere than major cities are having difficulties in obtaining products. Perhaps more importantly, lingerie shopping is still a taboo.

giycem.com is solving a valuable problem in a huge, growing market with healthy-margins and low capital requirements. It’s offering a wide product range, 7/24 costumer service, same day shipping (up to 90% of all orders). The customer does not even have to leave the house.

The executive team has a good network, reaching key product & service suppliers easily.